• Fully Online Training
  • 70 Minute Completion Time
  • Unlimited Free Retakes
  • Instant Access & Certification
  • 100% Online Training
  • 70 Minute Completion Time
  • Theory Certificate Awarded
Our Online Manual Handling Theory Course is delivered online via our own bespoke Learner Management System. This course is a theory course so does not include practical training so will only award a theory certificate, however, if you do require a full manual handling certificate we can deliver a full Manual Handling training program online including a practical assessment. 
Our online manual handling theory course is delivered using micro-video modules which can be picked up and put down at the learner’s discretion. participants are required to complete all training modules and complete an exam at the end of the final module. They must achieve a minimum of 70% in the assessment in order to pass.
Our online manual handling theory course covers the requirements set out in the regulations, basic anatomy, mechanical aids, safe handling techniques and much more. The course typically takes the average user between an hour to an hour and a half to complete. For some users, it may take longer. However, you are able to pick up and put down as needed and resume from where you left off.

Course Content

  • Legal Framework for Manual Handling
  • Anatomy
  • Manual Handling Related Injuries
  • Risk Assessment

Course Objectives

On completion of this Manual Handling course participants should be able to:

  • Understand the law surrounding manual handling​
  • Identify a good manual handling lift​
  • Spot manual handling hazards​
  • Come up with solutions to manual handling problems​
  • Understand manual handling injuries​
  • Identify solutions to manual handling problems​

Course Certification

On successful completion of this course, a "MANUAL HANDLING THEORY" Certificate will be issued by INTERIC ACADEMY which will be valid for 3 years. Refresher Training is recommended after 3 years

Course Delivery method

100% on-demand online, video-based training with an online exam at the end of the course comprising of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Sample Video From Our Online Manual Handling Course

Who Should Do This Online Manual Handling Training

Where employees are not involved in manual handling they don't necessarily need manual handling practical training, contrary to what many instructors will tell you. See HSA Myth 4 However, there is still a requirement that all employees receive training in the basic knowledge of how to avoid risk from manual handling. That's where our online theory course meets your legal requirement for training.

So why should you choose us for your Manual Handling training needs?​

100% Success Rate

All of our courses to date have had a 100% success rate. Simply complete all the modules and then pass the final test to get certified. If you are having any technical problems we are here to help.

Instant Access

Simply choose the course you need and log in to start training. You also walk away and pick up on any device later at your own convenience. 

Instant Certification

Once you have completed the course, your certificate will be automatically generated and can be downloaded straight away.

Unlimited Retries

We give you infinite amounts of retakes on our exams without ever locking you out of a course. we believe in making life easier for everyone

2 Year Access

We give you 2 years access from the date of purchase to complete your course.

Money Back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with the training up to 30 days after purchase, we will issue you a refund as long as you haven't been awarded a certificate 

What are you waiting for?

Start Training Now! You'll have your certificate in no time!


  • Fully Online Training
  • 70 Minute Completion Time
  • Unlimited Free Retakes
  • Instant Access & Certification
  • 100% Online Training
  • 70 Minute Completion Time
  • Theory Certificate Awarded
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Course Lessons

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