Online Manual Handling Training

Fully Online With Full Certification
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Our Online Manual Handling training Program is a web based training system. Using the latest technology, we deliver a fully interactive training program completely online.

Some benefits of this course

Our Online Manual Handling training Program is not just a video that will play in the background while the trainee does something else. This course consists of 5 Modules which each have a small test and then a practical assessment which consists of the trainee recording themselves pro-forming 3 manual handling lifts. Learners will need to achieve a pass rate of 70% on all modules in order to pass the course but done worry we give you unlimited retries at no extra cost.

Manual handling, or to be accurate, incorrect manual handling, is one of the most common causes of injury at work. In Ireland today it accounts for one third of all workplace accidents. To try and combat this, the Manual Handling Regulations were introduced.
The Regulations lay out duties for both employees and employers. They give a general requirement that employees must be trained in Manual Handling including the use of any equipment their employer provides to handle loads safely.

Our Online Manual Handling training Program covers the requirements of the regulations, the use of mechanical aids, safe handling techniques and much more. The duration of the course depends entirely on the learner’s own learning style. For some people it will take about 2 hours and for others it may take 3. However you are able to log in and out as needed and pick up from where you left off.

So what do you actually get?

Outstanding Training, On your own time, with zero pressure

On demand Video Based Modules

Micro video modules that you can pick up and put down as you please making training a breeze.

Instant Access

As soon as your payment is complete you can begin training immediately, we don't like waiting around so why should you!

Unlimited Retries

We give you infinite amounts of retakes on our exams without ever locking you out of a course. we believe in making life easier for everyone

Instant Certification

As soon as you pass the exam and your lifts are graded by our assessor (and you pass) you can download your certificate immediately, and if you ever need a copy in the future you can download one from your profile page.

2 Year Access

We give you 2 years access from the date of purchase to complete your course.
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